Canal Activities

The St Francis Bay Canals offer a full range of canal activities from boating, canoe, surf-ski and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) paddling, open water swimming and fishing.

Open water swimming


Open Water Swimming is a growing sport in the St Francis Canals. Swimmers meet every Friday evening throughout the year at Quaysyde Restaurant on Sea Glades Drive to test the fitness over a range of distances from 500 metres up to an arduous 3 kilometre swim for the superfit. St Francis open water swimming Facebook


Paddling in all its forms, canoe, surf-ski and SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards) are popular on the St Francis Canals and a very active paddling club, St Francis Bay Paddling Club has its headquartes adjacent Quaysyde Restaurant on Sea Glades Drive. The club has an organised time trial for experienced paddlers, beginners and novices every Wednesday evening. More information on St Francis Paddling Club